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Dojo Management

Manage your dojo information safe and secured. We help to keep all student information well organized is essential for your dojo. With Dojo man, you can retrieve and view all your student information like belt, completion results, attendance, fees account and so on from anywhere anytime.

Instructor/Coach management

The entire masters can be categorized according to the designation and experience. Admin will assign dojo to instructor. Instructor will only access their own dojo and also admin can give rights to access other dojo info in their club.

Student management

Dojo man has a cute login for students, which help student to track their own stuffs that the same time parents also notified. This login will have student id, belt, behavioral report, event notification, attendance and their communication details.

Fee management

As your institution grows, tracking fee payments become a serious overhead. Dojoman will help to overcome this situation through recurring billing concept. Once the student got registered, admin can set the billing cycle depend upon the package.

Attendance management

Keeping attendance records are very important. With our software attendance tracking is very simple! You can do it key in manually in APP or by automatic with QR code scanning from APP (Generated when student got registered). Get Daily/Weekly/Monthly attendance report.


Planning class routine and schedules is one of the primary needs to run a better organized Dojo. Scheduling classes, Events are all extremely convenient with Dojo man. Each will have their own calendar view to watch their schedule.

Grading Syllabus

Master can enter his own criteria for each belt upgrading test, which will be saved under grading syllabus module. Grading syllabus will be visible to students during the time of belt test.

Online event management

Create tournament in simple step from your mobile through app. Once tournament get created you can invite attendees as per our choice. This created event will get populated on all the attendees' app, there they have to acknowledge about their arrival. Which help the event coordinator to track each category attendees as well as easy payment collection.

Quick tournament Fixtures creation

Reduce more manpower and increase revenue by generating the fixture in one click. When tournament registration got over, system will visible the (generate fixture) button; once the admin click the button system will populate the tournament fixtures with opponent name and details.

Event payment collection

Event organizers can collect credit card payments online, check or cash payments offline. When offline payment type is chosen, our system will maintain the pending due for each dojo based on entry list.

Financial account management

Keep eye on all your dojo incomes and expenses, which help to maintain your ledger in profitable track all the fees, event fund, marketing expenses, rent and instructor salary so on...


Reports are the key features of any application. Dojo man will produce customized report according to user choice . Reports will help to analyses your accounts, attendance, performance, lead enquiry, new entries...


We have Introduced Mobile App that will be available in all platforms

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All features of Dojo App at less affordable Price


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